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Ocean Club Champagne Party

The 2019 Champagne Party Dates have been confirmed as: Sunday 5th May, 26th May, 30th June, 28th July and 25th  August.

The Ocean Club Champagne Party is known across the world and has played a major party in putting Ocean Club and Marbella on the map. Having started in 2003 they have grown year on year. Attracting everyone from the super rich to those who simply want to experience this unique day.

Five Champagne Parties are held each summer; these being on the final Sunday of each month and also the first Sunday in May be sure to book your beds and come to experience Ocean Club in all its glory.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes whether you are a party of over twenty celebrating a birthday or if there are just a couple of you looking to soak up the Ocean Club atmosphere.

The Champagne Parties at Ocean Club are undoubtedly the most popular events in Marbella we strongly recommend booking your tickets or beds well in advance. Please email us at vip@modeparties.com

Champagne Party Bed Prices, Tickets & Bookings

Bookings for the Champagne Spray Party are now available.

Please email vip@modeparties.com or Whatsapp: +447955 391 677 for all booking inquiries.


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