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Colin Francis Marbella

DJ Colin Francis comes to Marbella for a series of special events at Plaza Beach this summer.

Marbella’s number one DJ and DJ to the stars Colin Francis has built a reputation as one of the leading DJs in Europe. His platinum selling Marbella Sessions compilation album with Ministry of Sound give a good indication of what to expect at Colin Francis event… Hip Hop, Dance, R&B and energy!

This years dates at Plaza Beach:

Every Friday from May 10th May to Friday 28th September except for Friday 3rd May, 24th May, 21st June, 26th July and 23rd August

And also selected Sundays – Sunday 5th May, 26th May, 30th June, 28th July and 25th August

For beds and table bookings please email vip@modeparties.com or Whatsapp +447955 391 677

Colin Francis Marbella Bed Prices, Tickets & Bookings

Colin Francis Sundays

Sunday 5th May, 30th June, 28th July and August 25th

Colin Francis Fridays

Weekly Fridays

Colin Francis

Sunday 26th May

Colin Francis September

Weekly September Prices

Colin Francis Fridays

Weekly Fridays

Bookings for Colin Francis at Plaza Beach are now available.

Please email vip@modeparties.com or Whatsapp: +447955 391 677 for all booking inquiries.


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