Where The Style Goes

Paris, Moscow, New York, Tokyo and London – fashion capitals known for their pristine, prim and proper fashionistas and ‘nistos. No doubt, if you decided to walk down London’s Sloane Street, or Paris’ Champs Elysees (not to mention anywhere in the other fashion capitals listed) you would be wowed by the beautiful understated luxury of rich fabrics, luscious furs and of course, drawn to the beautiful red soles of our high-power fashionistas.

That’s all well and good but in all honesty, it does get rather boring. You find that more and more you can predict how people will be dressed because fashion is global and fashion capital have an image to uphold. Sadly, this image is slowly becoming the same image – no variation whatsoever. As a stylist, I seek the oddities in fashion and look to highlight their beauty and individual nature. Granted, beauty is subjective and so something I appreciate, you may think is garbage – I nevertheless aim to find the most fabulously outlandish styles and bring them to the fore!

For every prince, there is a pauper (or ten) and so for every Louboutin-donning fashionista, there is a Saucony-wearing, Skateboard-riding style icon! Want to know where to find them?

Unlike Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and New York, you needn’t go to one specific area of London to find these people. All you need to do is walk. I found myself stopping constantly as I walked the streets of Ladbroke Grove because someone’s sneakers caught my eye. In Brixton, I couldn’t help but ask people where they got their studded jackets and their creepers because they were so cool! I can’t say I’ve felt underdressed in my life but I most definitely felt un-stylish next to this lot! My eyes were opened to a new movement. They say the Devil makes work for idle hands but here the results were solely heavenly! Upon asking about the jackets, I was told “I was bored and decided to stud my jacket. Got the studs off e-bay…” Clearly, I’d interrupted the flow of this young man’s day but I felt it was well worth it!

Too often we are obsessed with brands and how much something costs. I found, looking at the style around me, that a lot of it was homemade! That wasn’t all, though. Looking at the way skaters, “indie” kids and “hipsters” dressed, I realised, though little effort may have gone into it, the results were similar to those of editorials for VIBE magazine featuring Run DMC and the styling of characters like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Jazzy Jeff! Surely they couldn’t know about all this? The styling, the brands, the painstaking effort to create a look that would sit well on the cover of a magazine and yet remain accessible to the masses? I thought they didn’t but they did!

The fact is, we don’t need to be in the most expensive neighbourhoods or be in the most expensive clothes to be stylish. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. So if you’re looking for real style – look to Brixton Market, Ladbroke Grove and its surrounding skateparks, Brick Lane and the night scene of Soho!

That’s where real fashion goes!

Live Beautiful, Stay Vogue!
Ciao Bellissimi!
Mr. Darkwah